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Types of Public Relation Tools

Types of Public Relations Tools Assignment / Homework Help
There are various tools available which help a marketer maintain good public relations. He may hire professionals for this purpose or do it by himself. The key is to understand his target audience or consumers and accordingly use one or more public relation tools. The various types of public relation tools available to him are:

  • Media Relations
  • Media Tours
  • Newsletters
  • Special Events
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Sponsorships
  • Employee Relations
  • Community Relations and Philanthropy

Media Relations
Media relation techniques are used to promote company and its products to the various media channels like T.V, newspaper, magazine, internet. PR professionals try to earn media attention by pitching interesting facts about its product, interesting customer feedback stories, news from the company spokesperson etc. Media is not paid for publishing these stories. Good stories get media placements.

Media Tour
Products and services are often launched by marketers with a media tour. The company spokesperson or someone hired by the company, an expert or even a celebrity whoever has credibility with the consumers can be employed for the purpose. This spokesperson travels to target cities and spreads the word about a product or service. He is usually booked for T.V, radio shows or newspaper, internet interviews in these cities. Media tours are very successfully employed for book releases. The author travels around the country to promote his book. He may include in his tour events like book reading and autograph signing.

Newsletters are used by marketers to maintain regular communication with their current and potential customers. These newsletters can be sent through regular mails or e-mails. These newsletters contain interesting information, product details, new launches etc.

Special Events
Special events are often performed to catch the media attention and arouse public interest. Stunts like building world’s largest ice-cream sundae during National Ice-cream Month will attract both journalists and consumers. Regional agriculture is often promoted by events like strawberry festival. The PR professional must ensure these events convey the desired message and not tarnish the company image.

Speaking Engagements
Company experts speak in front of industry conventions, trade association meetings, and similar groups and showcase their expertise. They do not always indulge in product or company promotion but speak on topics that will be relevant and interesting to target customer groups. The only mention the company may get is through the speaker’s biography. However good speaking engagements, in front of correct target audience, provides brilliant customer leads.

Sponsor is an individual or a group that supports an event, activity, person etc. through money or some form of product or services. Sponsorship is used to build goodwill and brand recognition. Companies keep in mind their target audience and budget before indulging in sponsorship activities. There are various events happening all the year round, nationally and internationally which provide marketers with sponsorship opportunities. The range is as wide as from a local art gallery to FIFA. A company may provide equipments for a sporting team in exchange for brand recognition. Sponsors also pay for parts of television broadcasts which bear the name or logo of their company. Sponsorship has lost its hold on television in the U.S. Advertisements have taken its place quite successfully.

Employee Communication
Companies are deeply concerned about employee communication. The employees are kept abreast with the developments of their company, information on new or existing products, sales incentives etc. This is done through printed newsletters, e-mails, intranet etc. In various organizations there exist PR departments for this purpose.

Community Relations and Philanthropy
Companies believe in fostering good relationship with the community. A positive relationship with the consumers has various benefits. Company benefits in times of crisis, bad publicity, problems arising due to product failure or mismanagement. Companies indulge in various community service programs. It donates for charitable trusts, helps in building of schools, parks etc.

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