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Types of Inventory

Types of Inventory Assignment / Homework Help
In a typical manufacturing company, inventory will be in the following forms:
  • Raw Materials Inventory

    Raw materials, as the name implies are in the raw stage without any processing. They are in the stage as such purchased from the supplier. They can also be extracted materials if not purchased from the supplier. They contain the material or the parts required for production.
  • Work-in-Progress Inventory

    Work-in-Progress inventory is in a stage between the raw materials stage and the finished goods stage. They are partly processed materials and as such direct material, labor and overheads would have been incurred to bring the raw materials into the work-in-progress state. They cannot be called finished goods until they are fully processed or produced.
  • Finished goods Inventory

    Finished goods inventory is the final stage of inventory. All the processes are over and the product fully manufactured and ready for sale. Sometimes, companies also procure short-term finance pledging the finished goods inventory as security. Finished goods inventory will be then distributed to wholesalers, distributors or retailers as the case may be.

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