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Structure And Organization Of Treasury

Structure and Organization of Treasury Assignment / Homework Help
The financial management of a non-financial firm is traditionally divided between treasury activities and controller activities. This is a distinction between cash flow (treasury) and financial reporting (controller). Corporate treasury functions include cash management, investment and debt management, financial risk management and investor relations. Treasury functions also deal with complex financial areas, such as foreign exchange rates, derivatives and interest rate swaps, among other things. Treasury functions also might differ between, say, a manufacturing firm and a bank. Controller performs the main tasks of recording, internal and external financial reporting. Both the treasurer and controller are responsible to the top management.

Summary of Corporate Treasury Functions:
  • Cash Management

    • Electronic Banking
    • Liquidity Management
    • Payments and collections

    These can be further sub-divided into:

    • Arranging for financing
    • Bank account Management
    • Bank reconciliations
    • Consolidation of cash forecasts
    • Forecasting short-term and long-term fund requirements
    • Investing surpluses
    • Maintaining a proper balance between assets and liabilities
    • Managing cash across various countries wherever applicable
    • Payments and collections processing
  • Investment and Debt Management

    • Bank borrowing
    • Dividend policies
    • Investment in marketable securities
    • Sale and redemption of issued instruments
    • Stock and bond issuance
  • Financial Risk Management

    • Liquidity Risk
    • Credit Risk
    • Currency risk
    • Interest rate risk
    • Share value risk
  • Investor relationship

    These functions relate with

    • Financial intermediaries
    • Foreign exchange market
    • Interest rate change
    • Stock Market
The above functions may vary based on nature of industry or business.
The treasury department is responsible for the timely availability of funds needed for the support of the business.


The Controller of a company or an organization has to record all the above transactions and to report it. The main activities of a Controller are:
  • End of month closings
  • Internal reporting and forecasting
  • External financial reporting

The above can be further sub-divided into:
  • Recording of all transactions in general and subsidiary ledgers wherever applicable.
  • Recording and reconciliation of short-term investment amounts with the brokerage firms.
  • Recording the attendance of the staff and thus assisting the HR department in preparing payroll.
  • Other recordings, if any.
  • Reporting to the top management
  • Dealing with tax issues etc.
The functions of treasury and controller are not limited to the aforesaid functions alone. Depending upon an organization's requirement, they act within the scope of their authority. Proper co-ordination of both the treasury and controller is a must for efficient control and functioning of an enterprise.

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