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Statement Of Retained Earnings

Statement of Retained Earnings Assignment / Homework Help
One of the components of financial statements, retained earnings statement depicts the changes in enterprisesí retained earnings over a period. It is a reconciliation of the retained earnings at the beginning of the period and at the end of the period with items affecting the changes reported therein. The items that form part of the retained earnings statement are the net income for the period and dividends declared during the period. It may also contain any other item that is charged or credited to retained earnings.

A typical statement of retained earnings is presented below:

For the year ended 31 December 2009

Retained earnings, 1 January 2009 $25,000
Add: Net income for the year $20,000
Less: Dividends $15,000
Retained earnings, 31 December 2009 $30,000

Generally, an enterprise prepares a Statement of changes in equity instead of the retained earnings statement which comprise of not only the changes in the retained earnings during the year but also the changes in the enterprisesí other equity accounts like capital stock and reserves.

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