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Shifts In Supply Curve

 Shifts in the Supply Curve

         Public strategy makers habitually require reducing the number of people smoke. There are two ways that strategy can endeavour to accomplish this objective.

         One way to minimise smoking is to shift the demand curve for cigarettes and other tobacco produce. Public service announcements, obligatory health cautions on cigarette covers and the restriction of cigarette publicity on media are all strategies designed at decreasing the volume of cigarette demanded at any provided price. If endeavoured, these strategies shift the demand curve for cigarettes to the left as given in diagram 1.

         On the other hand, strategy makers can try to hike the rates of cigarettes. If the government taxes the manufacture of cigarettes for instance, cigarettes companies pass much of this tax on to consumers in the form of greater rates. A hike in rate motivates smokers to minimise the number of cigarettes they smoke. In this crate, the minimised volume of smoking does not represent a shift in the demand curve. In its place it depicts a movement along the same demand curve to a point with a higher rate and lower volume as in the diagram 2.

Shifts in the Supply Curve

            The supply curve for chocolates presents manufacturers offer for vending at any provided price holding invariable all other factors beyond price that manipulate manufacturers’ decisions on how much to vend.

            This association can amend over time which is depicted by a shift in the supply curve. For instance, presume the price of sugar falls, as the input for chocolates is sugar, the drop in rates of sugar makes vending chocolates more lucrative. This hikes the supply of chocolates. At any provided price, vendors are now ready to manufacture a larger volume. Therefore, the supply for chocolates shifts to the right.

Input Prices

            To manufacture its outcome of chocolates, vendors uses a variety of inputs such as sugar, cocoa, essence, flavouring, equipments, buildings in which the chocolates are made and the labourers to mix the contents and function the equipments.

            When the price of one or more of these raw materials hikes manufacturing chocolates is less lucrative and industries supply fewer chocolates. If raw materials prices hikes considerably an industry may wind up and supply no chocolates at all. Therefore, the supply of a commodity is pessimistically associated to the rate of the raw materials used to make that commodity.


            The technology for turning raw materials into commodity is another factor of supply. The innovation of the mechanised chocolate equipment for instance decreased the volume of labour required to produce chocolates. By decreased industry’s costs, the advance in technology hiked the supply of chocolate.


            The volume of chocolates an industry supplies today may be based on its prospects of the future. For instance, of an industry anticipates the rates of chocolates to hike in future, it will put some of its current manufacture into storage and supply less to the market at present.

Number of Vendors

            Market supply is based on al those determinants that manipulate the supply of single vendors such as the rates of raw materials used to manufacture the commodity the available technology and prospects. In supplementary the supply in a market is based on the number of vendors.

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