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   Over view about Shell Scripting Homework Help:
           What is shell scripting? To put it in layman terms a computer understands only 0s and 1s. For a normal human being it is very difficult to program or read instructions consisting of only 0s and 1s. To overcome this difficultly there is something called a shell which accepts commands or instructions in English, validates the command and passes it to the kernel for execution.

           A shell essentially is a user program. A shell script is a command line interpreter, it takes input from standard input devices like keyboards or files and executes the commands.

   Advantages of Shell Scripting:

  • Less time taken to write a shell script as compared to equivalent code in other programming languages

  • Interactive debugging of a shell script is possible

  • Ease of file or program selection

  • Shell script Loads and executes quickly

  • Since a shell script is executed by a interpreter, it is easier to embed a debugging code into a script to detect and fix bugs

   Dis-advantages of Shell Scripting:

  • Shell script has a slow execution speed as it is a interpretive language

  • Another reason for slow execution is the need to launch a new process for almost every command executed

  • If we compare a normal compiled programs execution time to the execution time of a equivalent shell script then the shell script is several magnitudes slower

  • Compatibility issues between different platforms

   Different Shells that are available:

  • BASH (Bourne Again Shell)

  • CSH (C Shell)

  • KSH (Korn Shell)

  • TCSH