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Role Of Sales Personal

Roles of Sales Personal  Assignment / Homework Help
  • Order Getters
  • These salespersons focus all their selling skills entirely on getting orders from customers. They are always on the lookout for new customers for their products. The order getters may include telemarketers as well as door-to door sellers. Telemarketing is where the sales person sells his product over the phone. In U.S the laws for telemarketing is quite strict and unsolicited phone selling is restricted. The responsibility of order getters is not always restricted to getting orders, once the initial sale is through they then focus on building a customer relationship.

    • Business-to-Business Selling
      The sales person gets order for a product with intentions of follow-up sales. More than often business-to-business sales people have more than one product to offer. So initially the consumer may buy a few products but the sales rep tries building a customer relationship hoping he can get the customer into buying the other products too.

    • Trade Selling
      Order getters for consumer goods companies do not always sell the product to consumers or the end users. Instead they try to lure the distributors, retailers and wholesalers to like their product. Once they are taken into the loop these sales people start focusing on product promotion. The sales reps help these middle men by providing them promotional ideas etc to boost sales.

  • Order Takers
  • A sales person is not always a person trying to get orders he can simply take orders from the customer too. Here the sales person helps the customer in buying the product and is less assertive when compared to order getters. Obviously order takers happen to be the lesser paid ones in comparison to order getters. A lot of retail sales persons are order takers. They help the customer with the products and help in handling their check out as well.

    Customer service is another form of order taking. Here orders are usually taken over the phone or online.

  • Order Influencers
  • Order influencers do not influence the end users or customers into buying their products. They try to focus their selling techniques on people who influence these consumers into buying their products.

    • Missionary
      Missionary sales person work for industries where consumers will buy their product only if advised to do so by someone. Examples of such industries are the pharmaceutical industry and in higher education. Consumers buy pharmaceutical products only when advised to by the doctor. The missionary sales rep from the pharmaceutical industry also known as product detailers, convince the doctors about their product. The doctor then writes prescription for the patient. In the sphere of higher education sales persons convince professors regarding study materials (example text books) who ask students to buy them.

    • Word-of-Mouth Promotion
      The product is promoted through the word-of-mouth. These promoters are often not employees of the product manufacturing firm. They are offered some incentive for spreading a good word for the product. So like the missionary sales rep he is not selling anything to the end user but here he is interacting directly with them. This form of marketing is also called buzz marketing.

  • Sales Support
  • As the name suggests this sales group assists the former sales groups in selling. These include technical specialists. For instance when a technical product is being sold, the sales person has to answer various technical queries coming from the customers. At this point he may take help from their own technical staff who can help in solving these queries. Similarly salespersons also receive support from company's office staff. They help in organizing trade shows, arranging meeting place, sales appointments etc.

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