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Remuneration Slash And Inclination To Consume

 Remuneration Slash and Inclination to Consume

    As per Keynes the effect of a general slash in remuneration on the inclination to consume will be adverse. Consequently remuneration reductions earnings of the wage-income standards will drop in association to that of non-wage earners and there will be some redistribution of earnings in favour of the latter.

    This will diminish total consumption as the earnings of remuneration has a high inclination to consume drop. The wealthy on the other hand has a huge inclination to save and a less propensity to consume. These causes diminish in total demand, earnings and employment.

    Pigou but, regarded the feasibility when remuneration deduction may increase the inclination to consume. He argued that as a result of general remuneration slash, prices will drop and the value of money will increase. With the increase in the value of money the actual value of money assets such as stocks, shares, bank deposits, government bonds and securities etc. will increase.

    The owners of these fixed assets will feel themselves wealthier than before and their inclination to consume will be reinforced and the inclination to save destabilized. This is known as the Pigou Effect which will tend to rise total demand and employment.

The Pigou effect drops to hike the inclination to consume much due to three factors:

  1. Very less people holds money assets and hence the authority on the overall inclination to consume is very important.

  2. It is not obligatory that asset possessors may at once raise their inclination to consume with the increase in the actual value of their money assets. Somewhat their wish to save may rise.

  3. The stimulating effect of larger real cash balances on consumption may be offset by the discouraging effect of enhanced actual debt burden on consumption due to lesser prices and therefore leaving the net effect very small.

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