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Reliability & ISO 9000

Reliability refers to the probability that a product or a component of a system will perform satisfactorily for a time stated under ordinary conditions of operation. Reliability is considered to be of utmost importance in engineering and automotive units. Reliability of a product is measured in relation to how it is used and under what conditions. Any product performs best under specified conditions. The user must follow the detailed terms of use and storage to get optimum performance from the product.

The manufacturers usually follow the below stated guidelines while designing a product:
  • Changes required to be made in the design of a product to improve its reliability.
  • Regular inspections to ensure that design principles are being adhered to.
  • Replacement or substitution of a faulty component of an equipment.
  • The maintenance of the product.
The reliability trend can be depicted by drawing performance versus time curves.

The yellow curve shows the decreasing performance or reliability of a product over a period of time. The pink curve shows the increasing performance or reliability of a product as the time progresses.

Reliability of a product depends upon the quality of its components and the precision with which the design plan is followed. The manufacturers must make sure that the raw materials or parts used are of the best and approved quality. The equipment and machinery involved is maintained properly. Regular inspection and testing is held before the product is launched in the market.

ISO: 9000-2001:

ISO quality system standard system was developed by the technical committee of the International Standard Organization. These standards were issued by the ISO in Geneva in 1987. They are accepted worldwide as generic benchmark of quality and reliability. They cover quality norms during design, development, installation and servicing of a product. These are considered as the minimum acceptable level of quality standards. They are used for quality assurance for the customer's benefit

The salient aspects of ISO: 9000:2001:
  • Manufacturers must identify non-conformities. Non conformities refer to the differences between the perfect desired qualities of the product and the actual product which has been made.
  • Steps are to be taken to prevent non conformities.
  • There has to be a detailed documented procedure for every stage of the manufacturing process.
  • It is mandatory to implement the approved procedure.

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