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Public Relations

Public Relations Assignment / Homework Help
This method of marketing does not aim at promoting a single product/service but the company as a whole. This is done by spreading a positive feel about the company through various stories and articles or positive feedback from customers about the company in different media channels. In comparison to advertising, PR is a very cost-effective method of marketing. A full page advertisement of a product may fail to attract customer attention but a positive response about the same from a satisfied customer when appears in the form of an article in the same newspaper will work wonders for the company. PR is quite understandably considered a very genuine method of marketing.

The functions of public relations can be broadly summarized as below:
  • Creating awareness for a company or client and building a positive image for them through articles and stories in the various channels of media.
  • Keeping an eye on all media channels for any public feedback on the client company or its products.
  • Crisis management in cases where the company may be endangered.
  • Building goodwill and rapport with customers through special events, charity and community work.

Disadvantages of Public Relations
  • Media relation techniques are used to promote company and its products to the various media channels like T.V, newspaper, magazine, internet. PR professionals try to earn media attention by pitching interesting facts about its product, interesting customer feedback stories, news from the company spokesperson etc. Media is not paid for publishing these stories. Good stories get media placements.

  • Again when placing an advertisement in the newspaper a manufacturer may create a draft keeping in mind the various points about his company and product that need to be highlighted. But when he tries to promote this piece of information through news channels or other public relations channels then the information is twisted and turned to suit the news story or feature appearing in the newspaper, television etc. Thus the marketer may not be satisfied with the end result.

  • The marketer is never sure whether his well planned and crafted news event will be featured in the media as a more serious news item like a bomb blast or an air crash may bump it off.

Aims of Public Relations:
  • Public relations help in creating product awareness. When a new product or service is launched the marketer can create interest among consumers through proper employment of public relation channels.

  • A positive feedback in a newspaper or television channel helps in boosting the product sales.

  • Public relations also help in creating a positive brand image for a company. Today companies are not only interested in positive feedback for their products but also for their company as a whole. Good brand name also helps firms in fighting crisis situations.

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