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Project Scheduling

Project Scheduling Online Tutoring / Homework Help
A schedule or master plan of a project is a process which predicts or estimates the date of delivery of the product. It fixes the deadlines and estimates the time duration of the project. It consists of various factors which constitute a project from start to finish like, resources or raw materials, labour and equipment and finance.

All these factors are taken into consideration before drawing up the schedule of a project.

Requisites for project scheduling:
  • The WBS (work breakdown structure) should be drawn in detail before starting the project. This WBS will have to be effectively applied.

  • The work dependencies will be identified and lead and lag times will be determined.

  • The budget should be estimated and allocated for each activity. The total cost of the project will have to be calculated.

  • The resource breakdown structure has to be in place. Resources need to be allocated accordingly to each job.

  • The risk factors and other unforeseen delays will have to be accounted for.

  • The project schedule will be updated as the project progresses and actual time duration for each activity has to be recorded

  • Each activity or job is tracked and assessed and the required changes are made while optimally following the schedule.

Project scheduling is done with the aid of PERT( project evaluation and review technique) and CPM( critical path method) which have been discussed in earlier unit.

The project scheduling aids in providing a definite timeline of a project. It provides for assessment and monitoring of the project. It accounts for the uncertainties of the market, unforeseen environmental factors and unexpected delays and accordingly an alternate feasible schedule is drawn to accommodate such factors.

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