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Process Routing Sheet

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Routing is a series of actions to be performed to achieve a particular goal. In a manufacturing or production unit, it defines the exact process by which a product is to be manufactured or a service is to be delivered. Thus the purpose of routing is to spell the most efficient and economical way to perform a function. Routing directions are prepared keeping in mind the number of employees, types of equipment available; their capacity and run time.

Route sheet:

It is the map or the blueprint of the manufacturing process in a production unit. It provides the exact location of the various processes of the unit. A route sheet determines the sequence or order of arrangement of various departments in a facility. Thus, a route sheet is a document which has information and data inputs and a step wise listing of all the processes or transactions performed. It also contains details such as date and time, remarks, log in/out, point of contact etc.

A typical route sheet contains the following information :
  • Identification and sequence of work arrangement.

  • Symbol or sign of a component of the product

  • Appraisal or assessment of the process or method which is being followed.

  • Computing the number of units to be produced.

  • Machines and tools used in the operation, their run time, efficiency and capacity.

  • Evaluation of the entire production process

To understand the process of routing better, an example of a route sheet is given of a pencil manufacturing unit.

 Route Sheet
Raw materials reqd: graphite, clay, wax, cedar, ferrule, pumice, rubber, metal, prongs,

dyes, pigments, gum.

Symbols used in the manufacturing process:

O = Operation

I = Inspection

T = Transportation

S = Storage

D = Delays

 Route Sheet

Given above was a rough route sheet of a pencil manufacturing unit. At each stage the inspection of the labour and machinery is done and delays are accounted for. Log book is maintained to record the time taken by machines to complete the work and by employees to enter in/out time. After the manufacturing is complete, the product is run through quality control.

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