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          The full form of PERL is Practical Extraction and Report Language. Perl was originally developed in 1987 by Larry Wall as a general purpose Unix scripting language. Perl’s main objective was to  make report processing easier. Some of the features of Perl are borrowed from C, shell Scripting, AWK & sed. Perl facilitates easy manipulation of text files as it has powerful text processing facilities.

    Features of Perl:

  • Perl derives its overall features from C

  • Perl is a procedural language and has variables, assignment statements, control structures, brace delimited blocks etc

  • Some of Perls features are adopted from Shell programming for example: all variables are marked with a lead sigil, this makes sure that the data type is unambiguously identified ( for instance: scalar, hash or array)

  • Perl borrows lists from Lisp

  • From AWK Perl borrows hashes

  • Perl borrows regular expressions from sed

  • Auto memory management

  • Automatic data typing

  • Run time legal time conversions are done automatically for instance: conversions from number to string

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