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Nature And Scope Of Managerial Economics

 Macro Economics Policy


    Managerial economics is apprehensive with the submission of economic thesis and processes of pronouncement sciences to scrutinize verdict making difficulties faced by business firms. The first and most vital difficulty faced by business firm is the choice of a commodity to be manufactured or service to be provided.

    The next vital difficulty dealt with in managerial economics is to make a decision by a firm about price and productivity of the commodity so as to optimise profits or to attain some other considered necessary goal.

    The pronouncement concerning these necessitates cautious scrutiny of the demand for its product and costs of its manufacturing. The other vital decision making difficulties facing business firms correspond to what means or practices of manufacture are to be adopted in the manufacturing commodities and how much advertisement outlay is to be incurred for promoting the sales of their commodities.

The Types of Business Decisions

  1. Price and Productivity Decision
  2. Pricing of a commodity by a business firm is a vital decision that has to be made by a manager. Price of a commodity will ascertain to a good extent how much volume of its commodity it will be able to sell. Price along with rate per unit and productivity sold will ascertain its profits.

    In making a decision of its commodities a firm has to approximate demand for its commodities and also to approximate cost-productivity association. Its approximation of demand and manufacturing cost will ascertain how much volume of productivity it should manufacture to optimise its profits.

  1. Demand Approximation
  2. Making approximates about demand for a commodity is critical for accomplishing the aim of profit optimisation. To achieve at correct approximates of demand the firm has not only to examine consumer’s performance and their choices but also the tendencies in macro economy concerning development of GNP, price condition, variations in the level of employment and balance of payments which ascertain the demand for a commodity.

    Supervisors of business firms have not only to approximate current demand for their products but also the development of demand for their commodities in prospect.

  1. Inclination of a Technique of Manufacture
  2. The other vital decision to be taken by business firms associates to the preference of a technique of manufacture. A technique of manufacturing integrates the use of definite mixture of aspects, particularly labour and capital to manufacture a product.

    Generally several substitute techniques of manufacturing a product are available between which a firm has to choose. Some manufacturing techniques integrate the use of associatively more labour as contrasted to capital and are thus termed as capital intensive techniques.

  1. Advertising Assessment
  2. Advertising outlay plays a vital role in the market structure of monopolistic rivalry and differentiated oligopoly where firms have to compete to sell their commodities. Advertisement is necessary to endorse sales of commodities. By the way of advertisement management of a firm tries to manipulate the consumers about good quality of its commodities.

  1. Long Run Manufacturing Pronouncement
  2. For instance the decision on where to locate the plant for production, the dimension of plant or the enormity of effective capacity to be structured and the technology or manufacturing technique integrating a special aspect mixture or aspect ratio is to be used for manufacturing a commodity.

    Also the required product mix that is to be manufactured to optimise profits has to be decided. Budding and inventing a fresh commodity also drops in this category of long run manufacturing decisions.

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