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        Do you need help in your MySql project? If you are trying to solve a MySql Homework and are stuck on it you have come to the right place. We provide you with top quality MySql Homework Help.

       To give a brief description about MySql, it is a RDBMS i.e., a Relational Database Management System. The “My” in MySql stands for the name of the daughter of the inventor of MySql. MySql was originally a for-profit Swedish company, however it is now owned by Oracle Corporation.

     Features of MySql:

  • Cross Platform Support

  • Triggers

  • Cursors

  • Updatable Views

  • SSL Support

  • Query caching

  • Nested SELECTs

  • Full text Indexing

  • Embedded database Library

  • Partitioned Tables

  • Hot backup

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