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Gantt Chart

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Gantt chart is a diagrammatic or graphical depiction or illustration of time duration of activities against a given time period corresponding to the master schedule. It is a horizontal bar chart to keep track of progress of a project. It is a very important tool for planning and scheduling of a project. It helps in assessing and analyzing the progress of a particular project.

  • While planning and scheduling a project, Gantt chart depicts the time duration of each individual activity or job entailing a project.

  • It defines the order in which each activity is to be performed for a smooth and scheduled progress of the project.

  • It is a very important monitoring aid as it illustrates the lead or lag time of all the activities.

  • It also depicts the corrective steps taken to put the project back on schedule in case of a delay.

  • It also illustrates the work dependencies between successive activities.

  • It also defines the milestones achieved.

  • It also specifies resource allocation for each task and the subsequent usage of these resources.

  • It also shows the status of each activity/job as it is completed, whether or not it has been on schedule.

  • It is also an important reporting tool.

  • It helps in evaluation and appraisal of the progress of the project.

Example of a basic Gantt chart is as follows: it shows the progress of a project which has been divided into 3 minor tasks or jobs labeled A, B and C. These have been completed over an year with equal time of 4 months allocated to them. The horizontal blocks show the progress.

Gantt Chart

Gantt charts can also be made for a daily schedule. These are particularly handy for academic institutions which by means of a Gantt chart can depict the daily progress of curriculum subjectwise. A milestone Gantt chart illustrates important events in a facility. A gantt chart for dependencies is also a very important tool for tracking progress. For example, if we follow the development of a product from its conception to delivery, a Gantt chart would illustrate the exact time duration taken by every individual activity like, market research, conception and design, planning ( budget and resource allocation), production, feedback, remedial or corrective actions, evaluation.

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