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Dividend Yield

Dividend Yield Assignment / Homework Help
Companies generally pay out dividends to share holders out of their earnings. These dividends are generally expressed as a per-share amount. Dividend yield is a ratio to indicate the percentage dividends paid by a firm relative to the market price of its share. It is similar to return on investment on a stock. It is computed by dividing the annual dividends per share by the market price of the share.

Annual Dividend per share
Current market price per share

This measure can be used by the investors to compare the relative attractiveness of dividend paying stocks. Higher the dividend yield, higher would be the return and cash flows associated with that stock investment. Investors looking for steady or regular flow of income may consider this ratio to select their investments. This ratio gives current return on one's investment. This is mainly of interest to the investors who are desirous of getting income in the form of dividends. No dividend yield exists for firm which does not declare dividends.

It must however be noted that high dividend yield stocks do not indicate that the investment is sound. In some cases, it may indicate that the company does not have other investment opportunities to plough back its earnings and may indicate limited growth potential for the stock/company.

If a company pays an annual dividend of $2 and has its share price quoting at $40, the dividend yield comes to 5%. It means that if you buy the stock currently, you will realize a dividend yield of 5%.

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