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Direct Marketing And Personal Selling

 Direct Marketing and Personal Selling
         These two concepts are often confused with each other. Personal selling is the delivery of a unique message to a potential customer. The message is communicated through a one to one personal correspondence or a telephone call. It is quite different from advertisement as here the message is created for single individuals and can be altered if the desired behaviour does not occur. Unlike advertisement, personal selling is quite expensive and is done only if there is a need for it.

         For example when a marketer wants to introduce his product to a large number of individuals then the use of personal selling is not justified. However, when a marketer has developed a sophisticated high-end product he would prefer using personal selling to sell it to certain individuals who can relate to his product rather than advertising it to the masses.

         In Direct selling there are no middle men like retail outlets, distributors etc and the product is directly sold to the customer. And in personal selling the sales person has a one to one communication with the consumer and closes the deal.

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