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Crucial Appraisal

 Crucial Appraisal
  1. The Solow model is a chief upgrading over the Harrod Domar model.
  1. If the degree of these strictures were to trip even somewhat from the quiet centre, the results would be either improving redundancy or constant inflation.
  1. In Harrod’s words, this balance is poised on the parity of Gw which is based on the saving and investing habits of households and firms and Gn which is based on the non-presence of technical variation on the hike of the work force.
  1.  As per Solow, this soft balance among Gw and Gn flows the crucial postulation of fixed rations in manufacturing whereby there is no possibility of surrogating labour for capital.
  1. If this hypothesis is restricted the knife corner balance among Gw and Gn also vanishes with it.
  1. He, hence, constructs a model of long run growth without the postulation in production demonstrating steady state growth.
  1. Solow is a forger in structuring the basic neo-classical model where he retains the main characteristics of the Harrod Domar model like standardised capital, ration saving function and a set development rate in the labour force.
  1. He takes an incessant manufacturing function which has come to be termed as the neo-classical manufacturing function in analysing the procedure of development.
  1. The postulation of surrogatability among labour and capital provides the growth process a regulatory and gives a sense of truth.
  1. Contrasting the Harrod Domar model, he explains steady state growth paths.
  1. Lastly the long run rate of growth is ascertained by an expanding work force and technical development.
  1. Therefore, Prof. Solow has effectively shoved aside all the discrepancies and rigidity which go into the modern Keynesian earnings scrutiny.


Solow's  intention to scrutiny may be termed the tight rope of fiscal growth and to see where more supple postulations about production would tend a simple model. Inspite of this assertion by Solow, his model is weak in many aspects, as per Prof. Amartya Sen.

  1. The Solow model considers only complexity of balance among Harrod’s Gw and Gn and lays off the complexities of balance among G and Gw.
  1. There is non-presence of an investment function in Solow's  model and once it is injected, the Harrodian complexity of unsteadiness rapidly resurfaces by the Solow model.
  1. Therefore, as per Sen, the postulation of surrogatability among labour and capital does not seem to be a key dissimilarity among neo-classical and neo-Keynesian analyses of improvement.
  1. The main disparity of seems to lie in the investment function and the resultant unsuccessful to allocate a major position to industrial prospects about the mere upcoming.
  1. The Solow model depends on the postulations of labour enhancing technical procedure.
  1. It is but a particular case of Harrod – neutral technical improvement of the Cobb Douglas manufacturing function type which does not hold any empirical justification.
  1. Solow presumed suppleness of factor prices which may be prohibited from dropping beneath a specified minimum level due to the complexity of liquidity catch.
  1. This may in turn, prevent the capital productivity ratio from rising to a level required for attaining the path of symmetry development.
  1. The Solow model depends on the artificial hypothesis and impressionable capital.
  1. As a substance of reality, capital goods are highly assorted and therefore pretence the complexity of summing up.
  1. Resultant it is not simple to arrive at the steady growth path when there are various capital commodities.
  1. Solow ignores the grounds of technical improvement and extravagance the latter as an exogenous aspect in the development course of action.
  1. He therefore, avoids the complexities of bringing to psyche methodological advancement through the progression of learning, investment in research and capital amassing.

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