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Control of Production Procedure

Purpose of Production, Planning and Control
After the production plan is drawn up and implemented, it is possible that the final stock of the finished products inventory will be less or more than what was forecast due to differences in the estimated and actual sales. This difference is solved by providing for certain safety stock level of inventories. Such stock levels mean that adjustments in the rate of production have to be made with a view to bring the inventories into the line.

Purpose of production control :

  • To execute the production plans by sub dividing and directing all the concerned departments
  • To break the main schedule into achievable smaller goals
  • To prepare route sheets
  • Quality control which includes upkeep of equipment and check the efficiency of labor
  • Control on methods of production by assessing their effectiveness
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Follow up
  • To maintain storage and stock of inventories

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