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Characteristics Of Labour - PART - II

Characteristics of Land and Labour - PART - II
Efficiency of Labour

Efficiency refers to production capacity. It is classified into four heads and they are:
  • Personal Qualities

    • Racial Qualities - Every person accede to definite qualities from the race to which he belongs. Hereditary Qualities - A child accede to the skill of the parent by birth. Naturally he will be more efficient if he gets into the right trade.

    • Individual Qualities - If a labour possess good physique, is mentally fit, who is intellectual, sober, honest and resourceful and is responsive will be naturally efficient than others.

    • Education and Training - An educated and trained worker is much more efficient than an unskilled and uneducated worker. Standard of Living - A labourer having high standard of living is unquestionably more efficient than the lower ones. Good food stuffs, good airy location and healthy surrounding form the factor of this idea.

  • Working Conditions

    • Factory environment - If the factory environment is healthy and sound and there is sufficient space for movement of machines the efficiency will be higher.

    • Working Hours - Effective working hours with pantry breaks and recreations always improves efficiency of labour.

    • Wages - A labourer who is compensated huge will have good efficiency than that of those who receives fewer wage.

    • Promotional Factor - In the event that a worker knows that he will be rewarded and promoted to higher grade will work smartly and effectively.

  • Social, Political and Economic Conditions

    • Weather Conditions - The climatic or weather conditions will have much effect on the efficiency of the labourer. If the climate is too humid then he will get tired soon and his work efficiency will get disturbed.

    • Social Conditions - Based on the social condition the co-operation amidst the workers are regarded.

    • Social Security - In the event of injury, sickness or death of any worker must convince the worker that his family would be taken care of to cross the condition. This factor improves efficiency.

    • Political Stability - If the state can maintain peace at home then this factor also helps one to work effectively.

  • Employer-Employee Relationship -

    Penson defines as "Efficiency of labour depends partly on the employer and partly on the employee, partly on the organisation and partly on individual efforts, partly on the tools and machinery etc. with which the worker is supplied and partly on his skill and industry in making use of them." Thus if the relationship between the two is pleasant and cordial, efficiency of labour will be high.
Advantages of Efficient Labour

The term efficiency has a very valid meaning in the factor production. Efficient labourers bring in goodness to themselves, to the industry and to the fiscal condition of the nation.

  • To Themselves - When a working force is said to be efficient, its productivity unquestionably is high. As workers manufacture more, they are paid more. An efficient worker is capable to acquire a good compensating job.

  • To the Industry - An efficient worker is regarded as the best asset to an industry in which they are employed. They require no supervision at all since they are well established of their role. Their aim will be to work hard and be honest and responsible. They also take care in proper and efficient utilisation of resources and avoid wastages. They are efficient such that they can produce quality and larger quantity goods with less cost. They are moreover innovative of their orientation. Thus they bring about profit and harmony to the industry.

  • To the Nation - An efficient labour is regarded as the national property. It is likely to enhance production of superior products at lower costs. This not only enlarges trade and industry within the country but also overseas. This escorts to enhancement in output, employment opportunities and earnings and brings fiscal development.
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